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Quick bite: Hyperlinks should look cool. Here's how.

Want your hyperlinks to look cool & modern rather than not cool / not modern?

Colored, underlined hyperlinks are out. Web designers for awhile have been using thick, faraway "underlines" (technically, borders) instead—something your ESP probably doesn't do out of the box.

Here's how

1. Enter HTML mode in your ESP's content builder.

2. Find the <a> tag for the hyperlink you want to look cool.

3. Inside the <a> tag, replace style = "stuff here" with:

style="color:#1c1c1c;text-decoration:none;border-bottom:2px solid #000000;"

4. Replace "1c1c1c" with the hex of your body text; replace "000000" with the color you want for the "underline". Vary the thickness by changing "2px"—but you probably won't want to.

We did it!

As you can see, Instead of applying underline-styling, we've given the anchor a border on its bottom. Coolness achieved. Can we help you achieve coolness elsewhere in your CRM? Let Voodoo CRM Agency know.


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