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Quick bite: render your logo in subscribers’ gmail apps

Gmail inbox
Nailed it

Gmail gives you the real estate. Use it.

Check out this image of a Gmail inbox—an inbox most of your subscribers probably use daily. You might notice two things: (1) Gmail grants huge space on the left side to the sender's logo, (2) few senders take advantage – e.g., see how Banana Republic settles for the mere default "B", while America's Kids Belong below is fully branded with their logo. To you, who looks more legit? Who catches your eye? Given the increasing importance of trust in the inbox ("Is this email really from _____?"), you're missing a huge opportunity, unless you're doing what America's Kids Belong is doing.

How'd they do that?

If you're thinking BIMI, then smoke but no cigar. (Gmail doesn't yet participate fully.) Rather, they've simply created a Google business account and are "sending" (not really) CRM from that account – an account to which they've uploaded their logo (probably just like you uploaded your own photo to your Gmail profile).

Here's where you might get stuck: Let's say you do CRM for Reebok. If you create the account "" because that's the address from which your ESP sends your CRM, Gmail will trigger to that address a verification-code email to confirm you own it. And in all likelihood, that's an address that can't actually receive emails, especially if you're on Salesforce Marketing Cloud—meaning, no code for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh you're on SFMC?

You have to email a particular person who works there (not kidding) and ask him to forward the Gmail verification email to you. Want his email address? Hit the chat button below. We got you.


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